Soul Self Sanctuary

A guided online program to nourish your

Soul (whole) Self.

You don’t have to leave your home to feel at home within yourself.

Your sacred space is waiting.

Is this you?


You are keen to use this time of change to go inward and step deeper into your own wisdom.

You are in tune with your spirituality and desire to work more closely with it to elevate your growth and personal evolution.

You feel there is something more for you, but you are unsure what or how to get there.

You want to deepen your trust within yourself.

Imagine a space where...

Your sacredness and worth are honoured.

Your humanness is seen, loved and accepted.

The inner journey is cherished and the outer one is born of it.

You feel connected and supported for who you are.

Amanda McKay

Hi, I’m Amanda. I love being barefoot and dancing upon the earth, sipping on cacao and being a Mum to a 9 month old.


I love creating experiences with intentional connection supporting wholehearted beings into the world of sacred lifestyle creation.


Where we play with nature we don’t control our nature. Living a life in integrity and in alignment with our own values.


Where we allow ourselves to honour our humanness and our divinity.

Maria Juzwin

Hi lovely, I'm Maria! I  support women who are ready to birth lives that are in alignment with their destinies.​


I am deeply connected with nature, the whispers of spirit, and the subtle messages of our energy fields.​


Through my training in energy healing, spiritual family connection, and extensive self-development, I guide women to live from their hearts and create lives that are aligned with their authentic selves.

Who we are

At this soulful sanctuary,

you will...

Green Leaves

"The Soul Self Sanctuary delivered beyond expectation! If you have the opportunity to take the course jump at it. Such a beautiful way to connect deeper within yourself.

Maria and Amanda are masterfully skilled at taking you on a journey deep within yourself to reveal insights, knowledge and wisdom that is exactly right for you. If you are also looking for a few tears, laugher, and a strong connection this is for you!"

Jackie Galvin

You can expect...

  • An online program and workbook to take you through these deepening practices.

  • To be guided in ceremony and meditation in celebrating and honouring yourself and our planet.


    To express your playful nature in movement and creative expression.

  • Dive into whole self practices that you can embody into your own life journey.

  • Alignment practices to align your outer world with your inner truth.

Energy Exchange

Your personal sanctuary is awaiting you.
Receive instant access to the program by registering at the link below.
$66 AUD
About $60 CAD and $45 USD*
May change based on exchange rates

"The Sanctuary held a beautiful space that gifted me so many inspiring attributes about myself. Messages of my journey, that I am on the right path and blessed with strength, courage, and resilience. Letting go of past practices of control and fear that no longer serve me. Reaching out to myself and finding who I am."

Mel Hancock

I can't think of a better representation of beauty, than someone who is unafraid to be herself. 

Emma Stone