When things aren't going your way, where can you turn?

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Things don't always go our way and this can be a huge bummer. It's like nothing we do is changing the situation and in some ways feels like our actions are making it worse.

As women, we have so much pressure on us. We are expected to run our households, care for our families, have successful careers and stay fit, look good and never age. Even for those of us women who don't have children, there are still immense amounts of pressure that we are faced with everyday.

This is what brought me to write this blog post and create a podcast episode on the topic of releasing control and surrendering to the guidance of the Universe. If you read this post and check out the podcast, you will learn about:

  • How control is an illusion and toxic to our health and well-being

  • Where these pressures are coming from and how to navigate them

  • How to trust what comes up with steps to do so

  • How to surrender to what is and trust that what is happening is for you and not to you

  • How the Universe is guiding and supporting you

I also touch on the topic of conception and the challenges that can come with it. I give you my spiritual perspective on it and share about the topic of spirit babies and their role in a woman's life before conception.

We live in a culture that makes us believe that everything is within our control. If you buy the right things, follow the guidelines, and spend x number of hours on going after what you want, then what you desire will happen. We are presented with a very masculine action-oriented approach to bringing forth what we desire. The