The Seven Skills of Deeper Dating

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

As you are aware, dating comes with its ups and downs. Sometimes it can be tough to know at the beginning of dating someone, if they will make good long-term partners. Who am I kidding? Sometimes it can take years for some of us to figure that out!

In Chapter 7 of Ken Page's Deeper Dating, he takes us through the seven skills that allow you to "lead with your gifts" when dating. Why is this important? Because it'll help you in more easily identifying what partners will love and accept you for WHO you are and the gifts that you have to offer.

Katrina Marie and I have been reviewing Ken's book together and sharing our learnings on my podcast the You Relationship. Katrina is a body sex facilitator and sex coach, while I am a Women's Heart Guide. Did I mention that we are also close friends and both single and divorced? We use our time together with the intention of improving our dating experiences and garnering our professional knowledge to help others feel supported in their dating journeys.

Want to know what the seven skills of deeper dating are that Ken shares in his book? You can find them below! Katrina and I go into more detail and thoughtful dialogue around them in the episode.

1. Be kind, generous, and thoughtful

Showing your kindness and generosity versus hiding it, will allow you to see how the person you are dating receives these loving actions. Do they cherish them? Do they reciprocate?

2. If you like him or her (adding in them for the non-binary), let it show