How to shift your relationship with food and your body

What is your relationship like with your body and food? Do you stress out over what to eat? Do the voices in your head warn you to not eat too many carbs, count those calories, stay away from sugar and ensure you are exercising 4-5 times per week? 

If your answer is "yes" to any of the above, know that you are not the only one out there who experiences frustrations around making the right decisions about food and exercise. Diet culture is a big issue in our society and as women, we face all kinds of pressures to look a certain way. These perceptions around what an acceptable body figure is are not realistic or accurate representations of the diverse bodies of women. But when you see these messages everywhere you look, it's tough not to allow them to affect you. 

This is why I invited Rachel Molenda on my show! In episode 18 of the You Relationship podcast, we spoke about intuitive eating and listening to the wisdom of our bodies when making life choices. Rachel is a Toronto-based Intuitive Eating & Body Image Coach and Host of the Fill Your Cup Podcast, on a mission to help women stop hating on their bodies and feeling out of control around food. Rachel’s non-restrictive, intuitive eating approach to food has helped thousands of women put an end to emotional eating, binge eating and disordered eating and find an effortless and enjoyable healthy way of eating and living.

We are surrounded by diet culture. It is telling us what we can eat, how we should look and that beauty looks a certain way. This has resulted in many women struggling to feel secure in their bodies, unsure of what to eat and not having healthy relationships with food. Rachel suffered for years with an eating disorder, became a holistic nutritionist and is now helping guide women to have their bodies intuitively guide them in their food selections.

From my understanding, her approach does not involve limiting yourself or following any rules. It's actually about throwing the rule book