A Deeper Dating Guide to Finding Love

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Where to look - and what to do when you get there.

In "Deeper Dating" by Ken Page, he shares about the difficulty of entering the dating scene. How different it can look depending on your age. In chapter 8, "A Deeper Dating Guide to Finding Love", Ken Page shares the different ways in which you can find a relationship.

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  1. Looking for love through your connections. Ken encourages you to talk to the people in your life who appreciate and value you for who you are. This ranges from flat-out asking your friends, to going to their events, and using dating apps that connect you with friends of friends. (Facebook Dating is a great app to do so.)

  2. Looking for love wherever you are. Be open! Love can find you anywhere. Make eye contact, smile at people who capture your attention. "When you're in your Gift Zone, anywhere you happen to be could be the place to find real love." "When we're feeling brave, and connected to our humanity, our chances of meeting someone special increases exponentially." It's about treating every opportunity one where love can blossom. Notice that when you go out in the world in this way, you move slower, are more attentive, notice more beauty around you. This has to do with the vibration you are existing in this world and allowing that right person to connect with you in that energy.

  3. Non-dating events, groups, and gatherings. I often encourage my single clients to do the things that they love, like practicing yoga, going to workshops that interest them and going to events that excite them. When you are out doing what you love you are in a very different and open energy than intentionally going out with the pressure of meeting someone.

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