Reconnect with the confident and powerful

woman that you are

The Empowered Divorcée

What if the end of your marriage became the beginning of a new loving relationship with yourself?

Do you want to feel confident and

self-assured, but you feel unworthy and hopeless?

Does it feel like your life has changed so much and your stability and confidence along with it?

Are you confused because you created the life you always wanted, but it turned out not to bring you the happiness and fulfillment you thought it would?

Are you now thinking, "What now? How can I be happy again?"

Imagine waking up and:

  • Feeling happy, confident and FREE

  • Filled with love and adoration for yourself and the people in your life

  • Proud of and excited about the life you have created

If this is how you want to feel every day, then The Empowered Divorcée program is for you.


You can shift this by building a loving trusting relationship with yourself (and your divorce).

Imagine waking up everyday in LOVE with yourself and your life?

That's why I created

The Empowered Divorcée

A program to empower divorced women to create

an unshakeable, all-loving, trusting relationship with themselves.

Through this program, you will:

Experience a renewed loving relationship with yourself.

Easily make decisions that will bring you happiness and peace, while creating a life that lights you up.

See the opportunities that your divorce has brought you.

Connecting with and bringing forward your

true self.

“Maria is like the soul sister you have always wanted to meet! She is powerful and magical just with her presence! She is extremely intuitive and really is inspiring! Empowering women is just one of the many things she does!” - Vann-Ly Cheng

Hello lovely! I am Maria Juzwin.

I am here to help inspire and guide women going through divorces to feel confident and empowered to be in loving relationship with themselves. 


I am divorced and have been able to transform my relationship with myself from one of low self-worth to one of complete trust and confidence.


My perspective around the ending of my relationship has shifted from being a burden to being able to see it for the endless life opportunities it brings.


I guide women like you through the use of various modalities, such as energy healing and high level facilitation, alongside my education in family spirituality.


I support you to empower yourself to shift your relationship with yourself to one of love, acceptance and trust.

Over 3-months, you'll experience:

12 Weekly Live Interactive Group Lessons

so that you learn new tools, practices and supportive ways to fall in love with yourself and your life.

1 One-on-one Personalized Empowerment Session

so that we can dive deep into your personal experience and how it can be shifted to most benefit you.

Sacred Self-Connecting Exercises

so that you can embody the energy of this program into your real life.

A Community of

Like-Spirited Women

so that you feel connected and supported and inspired by women going through a similar experience as you. 


The process you will be guided through is:


Reflect on, heal and learn from the journey of your divorce,

so you can move forward from the experience and take from it lessons that you can apply to your life going forward.


Meet and love your authentic self,

so you can feel empowered and confident in who you are and what will bring you peace and joy.


Learn ways to implement practices and ways of being

that will shift you into a space of excitement and opportunity.

“I cannot say enough about how wonderful Maria is. She is one of the most genuine people I have ever met. She works from a place of authenticity and makes you feel extremely comfortable. She is so intuitive and detail oriented, I'm very grateful to have her be a part of my journey. I definitely would recommend her to anyone looking to heal, align or just gain some insight into their journey.”

- Patricia Macedo

“Maria helped me believe in myself in more ways than I thought possible. After losing my husband, I wasn't sure I would ever find love again. I felt damaged and unlovable. I am happy to say that we found one another this past March and I couldn't be happier.  [It happened] because I learned to love the goofy, silly, beautiful woman I am and embrace my true self. This is what he loves about me. It’s the part of me I hid from people in the past.”

- Valerie Green

Ready to have your divorce jump start a more loving relationship with yourself?

The program will be starting in May of 2020.

Your investment:

Pay in full


(a savings of $100)

Pay monthly 


(over 3 months)

Still need more information? Then you can send me an email or 👇