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Discover your

Authentic Self

A guided journey to discover and love the authentic you.

“When you are in alignment with your authentic self, nothing is impossible.”
― Jiulio Consiglio

You are so much more...

More than your relationship status...

More than your body...

More than your job...

Who you have been defined as has been handed to you by your family, your upbringing, and society.


You don't fit into a specific box or set descriptions.

You are a GIFT to this world and it's time you see that.

Imagine being able to look at yourself in the mirror and seeing someone so powerful and wise that nothing can stop her.


Seeing a person so deep and loving that anyone who crosses her path feels like they are in the presence of someone special.

You already are her.

She has been waiting for you...within you...

She is asking to be seen and loved by you.

Imagine what would be possible if you allowed her to step forward?


Imagine existing within your fullest confidence.

Imagine knowing your own worth.



Discover Your Authentic Self

An 8-week guided group journey to discover and love the authentic you.

“Maria is like the soul sister you have always wanted! She is powerful and magical just with her presence! She is extremely intuitive and really is inspiring! Empowering women is just one of the many things she does!”

- Vann-Ly Cheng


Hello my love! I am Maria.

Your Heart Guide.

I remember a time when I thought I was defined by my looks, my career, my knowledge, my partner...

I remember never feeling like I was enough.

When I left my marriage and career, my concept of who I was took on a new trajectory.

Who was I without my big house, husband, and 6-figure job?

I didn't know where to begin...

And my answers came when I then started looking within.

Reflecting on all the projections of others that were put on me.

Seeing what really lit me up, brought me joy and allowed me to feel fully expressed.

The less I became attached to the external to validate me, the more I fell in love with myself.

What if I told you that all you need to feel loved and fulfilled is you?

I am here to help you discover the woman, the goddess, the queen within and allow her to shine fully in this world.

How Discovering Your Authentic Self

will benefit you...

✓ You'll feel more confident and sure of yourself.

✓ You will be less affected by other people’s opinions of you.

✓ You will show up more fully for yourself.

✓ It will be easier for you to receive and feel love.

✓ You will do more of what you love and less of what you "have to".

✓ You will prioritize your own self, which will have you feeling healthier and happier.

✓ Making decisions will become easier.

✓ You will start having more fun.

✓ You will take more worthwhile risks.

✓ You will buy things that will benefit you and not fix you.

✓ You will have more free time and the time you have will feel more fulfilling.

✓ You will shift out of guilt into satisfaction.

✓ It will becomes easier to become present.

✓ You will get excited about more things.

✓ You will trust and understand yourself in new ways.

In a community of sisters, you will...

Connect in Live Group Guidance Calls (12x)

These weekly live video calls will be the foundation of the program.

In these, you'll be taught practices to help you go deeper within.

Receive a One-on-One Personal Discovery Session (1x)

Through your dedicated 60-minute video call with me,

you'll receive personalized guidance and support in your

self-discovery journey.

Bring the practices into reality through Sacred Homework

This is a program to bring tangible change into your life.

In between calls, there will be practices and actions, along with accountability for you to bring into your daily life.

Be in a Community of Supportive Sisters

You will never be or feel alone during this journey.

In between call, you'll be able to connect with and give/receive support from the other women in the group. There'll also be a space for you to ask any questions you might have.

“Maria helped me believe in myself in more ways than I thought possible. After losing my husband, I wasn't sure I would ever find love again. I felt damaged and unlovable. I am happy to say that we found one another this past March and I couldn't be happier. 
[It happened] because I learned to love the goofy, silly, beautiful woman I am and embrace my true self. This is what he loves about me. It’s the part of me I hid from people in the past.”
- Valerie Green

This is for you if...


You Want to Begin Living Fully

You are ready to commit to your own happiness. 


Shift How You Relate to Yourself

You are willing to see the truth of who you are.

Pink Flower

Embody Your Truth

You know that there is more to you and you want to step into your power.

Do this now...

Close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Visualize the happiest most fully expressed version of you.

Connect in with how she feels...

Ask her, is she ready to step forward?

If the answer is, YES, then I invite you to scroll down.

Are you ready to

Discover Your Authentic Self?

Are you READY and WILLING to meet and love your true self?​

I am calling in women who are:

Willing to go into deep reflection to discover their truth.

Know there is a part of themselves who is wanting to be expressed.

Willing to do the work and get uncomfortable for the sake of their own happiness.

Trust that they are worth it.

If this is you...

Then I invite you to choose what option is best for you.

This is where the shift happens.

I cannot wait to welcome you in with the biggest possible virtual hug!

The next round of Discover your Authentic Self is not yet open for registration.