Hi lovely!

So happy to be connecting with you! :)

I am Maria Juzwin. I am a Reiki Master and Intuitive Therapist, whose life purpose is to support and empower divorced women in connecting with their authentic selves, reframing their divorces and creating lives that light them up.

I do this work, because I now what it's like to feel lost and disengaged in life. I was living a life that looked good on paper, but was unhappy and unhealthy. I looked to surface level experiences and my relationship for fulfillment and wasn't able to find it.

Through the ending of my marriage and the deep self-work that came with it, I was able to meet my true authentic self and am now living life more fully and with greater satisfaction. My relationship with myself is the strongest and most connected it has ever been. I am more in tune with myself and what I need than ever before. I live my life in flow and am able to navigate it in a way that I know will bring me happiness and fulfillment.

I work with energy and through one-on-one facilitation to connect with your deepest self and support you through your divorce and your relationship with yourself.

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